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BLAST Arts-in-Education Residency Programme

Bringing Live Arts to Students and Teachers (BLAST) Arts-in-Education Residency Programme 2023

On Thursday 23rd March 2023, the Minister for Education, Norma Foley TD, invited (Press Release) Primary and Post Primary schools to apply for the Bringing Live Arts to Students and Teachers (BLAST) Arts-in-Education Residency Programme 2023. BLAST will be running in 2023 for the third time, and the 2023 programme will enable 425 new Arts-in-Education residencies in schools over the course of the year.

This Programme aims to support the integration of the principles and key skills outlined in the Arts-in-Education Charter and the Creative Ireland Programme (2023-2027), Pillar 1 Creative Youth. The aim of the Programme is to give students in schools all over the country the opportunity to work with a professional artist on unique projects, to be planned and developed between the artist, the teacher and the school, under the co-ordination of the Education Support Centres Ireland (ESCI) network of 21 full-time Education Support Centres. This initiative supports children and young people for the future, where skills like the ability to connect and collaborate with others, engage in creative and critical thinking and practice inclusivity at every level will be paramount to peace, stability, sustainable economic growth and equality.

Are you a Primary or Post Primary teacher or school leader in Kilkenny Education Centre's catchment area? If so, we encourage you to apply for the BLAST Arts-in-Education Residency Programme 2023! This incredible initiative is designed to bring the arts to life in the classroom and to inspire young minds to explore their creativity.

The BLAST Residency Programme offers a range of exciting activities and resources, including music, dance, drama and visual arts. These activities are tailored to suit different age groups and abilities, so whether you teach in Primary or Post Primary, you are sure to find something that will engage and excite your students. Research has shown that the arts have a positive impact on children's mental health, well-being and academic performance. By participating in the BLAST Residency Programme, you can help your students to develop important skills like creativity, critical thinking and communication, as well as boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enrich your students' education and bring the magic of the arts to your classroom!

Kilkenny Education Centre Register of Approved Artists for BLAST Programme 2023

Thomas Duffy

Visual Arts and Music

More Information
Gillian Grattan

Drama, Writer, Theatre, Film-Making and Puppet-Making

More Information
Tara Heavey


More Information
Jeremy Hickey

Multi-Instrumentalist and Music Producer

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Jeffrey Gormly

Art, Making, Writing, Creative Process

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Sheila Jordan

Mixed Media Artist

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Kasia Kaminska


Eimear Lawlor


More Information
Marika Miklosi Manning

Visual Art

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Sarah Durney O' Farrell


Kairen Waloch

Song and Lyric Writing