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Our Shoes Campaign 2024 - Donate Your Pre-Loved Shoes

Great news Our Shoes Campaign 2024 has started

We have a new name and the same mission.  We are looking for your school to take part in our campaign to donate pre-loved shoes to South African townships.
At Our Shoes (In Our Shoes previously), our mission is to bridge continents through the power of individual acts of kindness. By offering pre-loved shoes new homes we reignite hope, restore dignity, and open doors to opportunity in African townships. Empowering children in need to walk with dignity, pursue their passions, and step confidently towards a brighter future, we create meaningful connections that transcend borders and uplift communities with every step.

We are looking for schools to register for our 2024 Campaign now:

All schools need to complete a new 2024 registration, even if they have taken part in a previous campaign. Simply head to and click the REGISTER button.

Please check our website for all updates and extra resources for your school.


  • 1st March: Start collecting shoes
  • 22nd April: Ability to start requesting a collection
  • 30th April: Last day to request a collection
  • 30th April-10th May: Collection of shoes from each school

Here's an update from 2023 - Don't miss out this year!

Last year, almost 300 national schools got involved in what was then, the In My Shoes charity campaign to collect pre-loved and good condition shoes and send them on to those very much in-need in Southern Africa.

The campaign ended in May (details here and culminated in an astounding 20,000 pairs of shoes donated and destined for a second sustainable life.

Since then, in February, after a long passage they made their way to the shores of Cape Town, South Africa for distribution there and beyond (an article from RTE on this here Those donations made an impact on children’s futures and their dignity.

Join our 2024 campaign and make a difference in children’s lives around the world and to the planet too.