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Bite Sized Midweek Meditation

Bite Sized Midweek Meditation

There is a stress epidemic in the world around us.  The ability to slow down and relax is an important life skill.  This weekly mediation programme at the start of the school year will help participants build a routine of relaxation into their lives which can help them more effectively manage stress throughout the school year.  

Participants will learn a range of relaxation and mindfulness practices and many practical insights on how to develop and sustain a more hopeful, positive and productive mindset.

The sessions will introduce participants to 9 different types of mediation and mindfulness practices.  

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn how to Relax and unwind and experience different practices to suit different moods and mindsets.  
  2. Enhance Emotional Regulation: Participants will learn and practice mindfulness techniques to improve emotional regulation, enabling them to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional fluctuations more effectively. This will be achieved through guided meditations, breathing exercises, and reflective journaling that teachers can incorporate into their daily routines.
  3. Learn how to slow down for restorative sleep.  
  4. Improve Focus and Attention: Participants will learn how to increase their focus and attention through mindfulness practices. Techniques such as short mindfulness exercises suitable for the classroom setting will also be introduced, allowing teachers to integrate mindfulness into their teaching methods to enhance both their own concentration and that of their students.

Course Properties

Course date 11-09-2024 4:00 pm
Course End Date 23-10-2024 4:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free
Location Online (via Zoom)

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