CRAFTed: Learning Skills for Life Programme


CRAFTed is the Design and Crafts Council Ireland’s Primary School Visual Arts based educational programme. It promotes learning through creativity and innovation, placing professional Craftspeople to work alongside teachers in Primary schools, giving them an exciting opportunity to explore their creativity and learn new skills. The Programme focuses on integrated learning methodologies through the Visual Arts Curriculum, using a process-led methodology that focuses on the child’s own creativity. 

For Teachers

CRAFTed supports teachers in the delivery of the Visual Arts (VA) curriculum and investigates how craft processes can contribute to learning in other subject areas such as Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) curriculum. For a slideshow of images to give you an idea of the diversity and skill levels undertaken by CRAFTed please click here to view the 2015 Projects.

For Students

CRAFTed provides collaborative training, access to highly skilled Craftspeople and gives both teachers and students the opportunity to explore new materials, such as clay, fiber and metals.