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What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery (RR) is a school-based intervention designed to reduce literacy problems within an education system. It is an early intervention, giving children who have particular difficulties in reading and writing after their first year in Primary school a period of intensive, individual teaching. The intervention is not solely concerned with improving the reading and writing skills of the lowest achieving children in the age band in the mainstream class (around age six) but also helps them to develop more effective literacy strategies so that they will be able to continue to work at age appropriate levels and to progress satisfactorily in their own school’s instruction programme. A child’s RR series of lessons is finished when he or she is judged to be able to cope well with reading and writing and work successfully at age appropriate levels. The aim is that, with a fully trained RR teacher, this should be achieved within 12-20 weeks. As soon as the child leaves Reading Recovery, another enters and this rolling intervention continues throughout the year. A Reading Recovery teacher in training may succeed in providing RR to at least eight children during the year.

Key Features of the Reading Recovery Programme

Training to Become a Reading Recovery Teacher

In-Service Sessions

The Teacher Leader

The Teacher Leader is a highly skilled practitioner of Reading Recovery, an adept facilitator of teachers’ professional development and a proficient administrator of a complex and detailed intervention in an education system. The Teacher Leader’s role is seen as one of support for the teachers in training and their schools.

Benefits for the School and System

Reading Recovery identifies early on the children who are struggling, and those who could possibly slip through the net – the bottom 20%. It reduces the need for extensive learning support over a long-term basis – especially as Reading Recovery becomes a rolling programme.  Schools should be prepared to commit to Reading Recovery for at least three years in order to reap the true benefits of the programme. The RR teacher will be a highly skilled practitioner in the area of literacy in the early years.  Her/his knowledge will provide insights into curriculum planning in the area of literacy and s/he will be an adept facilitator of strategies and methods for effective literacy teaching. It may lead to identifying gaps in the planning  and teaching of the English Language curriculum. It identifies the need (if any) for new reading material within the school to be added and updated regularly. It enables planning and focuses for funding etc. for particular class groups.

Benefits for the Trained Reading Recovery Teacher

Reading Recovery training ensures excellent professional development. The RR teacher will become a highly trained early literacy teacher on the school staff with the ability to train others in the best strategies and methods of teaching for effective literacy skills. S/he will know how to use effective strategies to prevent children from failing. S/he becomes a member of the RR network, which supports and guides for as long as s/he remains teaching RR. When/if s/he returns to mainstream class teaching – the strategies and methods used will guide his/her planning in the implementation of a highly effective literacy programme in the classroom.

Further Information 

Ellen Quaid, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader

Phone: 087-1766749

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