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PE Teachers - Y-PATH ‘PE 4 Me’ Oide Elective Workshop

Y-PATH ‘PE 4 Me’ Oide Elective Workshop
Venue: Kilkenny Education Centre
Date: 01/02/2024
Time: 6-9pm
Price: FREE

What is Y-PATH PE 4 Me?
Y-PATH ‘PE 4 Me’ is a Junior Cycle Physical Education (JCPE) programme for post primary schools, which aims to improve physical activity among young people. This JCPE programme complements the learning outcomes for students, as set out in the new Curriculum Specification. This continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity for teachers is delivered as an elective workshop for Oide. Please note that this programme is available only to PE teachers.
Teachers who take part in this Y-PATH ‘PE 4 Me’ CPD will receive a FREE pack with lesson plans, posters, student journals, as well as access to an online teachers portal, containing digital resources to assist with lessons.


Teachers must complete a one-hour e-learning course on the Irish Heart Foundation website prior to attending this face-to-face workshop.