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Zoomergiser Webinar

Zoomergiser Webinar

Zoomergisers - How to Keep Everyone Engaged and Energised During Online Classes/Sessions

We are experiencing an unprecedented period and scale of virtual interactions in the form of online staff meetings, professional development webinars, classroom teaching etc. While there have been very many positive outcomes for so many, these virtual sessions can also be extremely hard on us, both physically and mentally, and many of us experience ‘online fatigue’ or ‘Zoom fatigue’ as it’s now being called.

This online hands-on, interactive webinar will take participants through a series of fun and engaging activity based energisers that require no prior set up. They are quick activities that can be used as and when needed during online sessions with students and staff. They are useful when participants need energising and a bit of a fun perk up to help to support concentration and engagement.

The energisers are very flexible, and while each is designed as a stand-alone activity to increase engagement and energy levels during classes or meetings, they can also be put together as a string of activities to form part of an end of Term/year online event, Induction day, staff or student party etc.

During this webinar, participants will be invited to participate in an active way. It will be helpful to have cameras on for some parts of the session but it is up to individuals to choose

Miriam O Donoghue

Miriam is a teacher, trainer and facilitator, well-known for delivering professional development workshops in areas such as active teaching and learning, LEGO® based approaches and Mind Mapping, for example. She is the former Manager of FESS and Director of the CDETB Curriculum Development Unit.

Course Properties

Course date 12-11-2020 7:00 pm
Course End Date 12-11-2020 8:30 pm
Registration Start Date 05-10-2020 12:00 pm
Capacity 100
Cut off date 12-11-2020 12:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Speaker Miriam O' Donoghue
Number Hours 1.5
Location Online (via Zoom)
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