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Building Inclusive Classrooms: Lessons Learned from Gifted Learners - Strengths and Sensitivities: Implications for Practice Webinar

Building Inclusive Classrooms: Lessons Learned from Gifted Learners - Strengths and Sensitivities: Implications for Practice Webinar


This webinar is a collaboration between Kilkenny Education Centre, Cork Education Support Centre, Waterford Education Support Centre, West Cork Education Support Centre and Wexford Education Support Centre.

This webinar is suitable for Primary and Post Primary teachers, Guidance Counsellors, School Management and parents/guardians. Can we build inclusive classrooms where all learners needs are met? Arising from her new book The Gifted Learner: How to Help, Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc. Ed, B.Ed., argues that classrooms that respond to gifted learners’ needs can meet the needs of all learners. Two-and-a-half years in the making, Fidelma draws from research and practice informed by 19 case studies with gifted learners ranging from 10 – 58 years of age, with learners represented at Primary, Post Primary, Third Level and adulthood. Her work draws on a total of 57 interviews conducted with students, parents/guardians and a ‘nominated’ teacher who gifted learners felt understood them.

This webinar spans a wide range of learners. It highlights how to identify, recognise, understand and support the gifted learner, the underachieving gifted learner and the twice-exceptional (2e) learner, a student with a gift and a disability. Each chapter in Fidelma's book contains a ‘how to help’ section for parents/guardians and teachers.

Learning Outcomes

This webinar will enable participants to;

  • Explore what giftedness is and how to identify a gifted learner, drawing on an originally-designed framework for teachers and parent/guardian use,
  • Identify fascinating differences between high achievers, gifted learners and creative thinkers,
  • Recognise the gifted under-achiever and ways to better understand and support them,
  • Identify and discuss the ‘twice-exceptional’ (2e) learner, a student with both a gift and a learning difficulty, and how to better understand and support them, and
  • Explore ways to accommodate gifted learners – hear student voices highlight practical ways to understand and support learners, drawing on useful resources.

Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames

Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, PhD, MSc. Ed, B.Ed. (Galway), has a long background in teaching, learning and teacher education. Her enduring interest is making learning easier and enabling young people to pursue fulfilling futures. Passionate about supporting teachers and enabling learners to develop the mindset and skills to take ownership for their own learning, she is Director and Lead Educator with Study and Careers. In 2017, Fidelma completed a qualification in Psychometric Science with the British Psychological Society, equipping her as an accredited tester (Ability, Personality and Occupational) with follow-up courses completed in career coaching. Author of Switching on for Learning: A Student Guide to Exam and Career Success, this has become a core text for teachers, parents/guardians and students interested in independent learning and career guidance. In 2020, she developed an online ‘learning to learn’ programme used across second-level schools. Newly-revised for 2022 based on teacher and student feedback, it’s now available with free previews here

Course Properties

Course date 10-10-2023 7:00 pm
Course End Date 10-10-2023 8:15 pm
Capacity 1000
Cut off date 10-10-2023 7:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Speaker Dr. Fidelma Healy Eames, Study and Careers
Number Hours 1.25
Location Online (via Zoom)

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